How Homeless? Volume 3

These are Real Stories, of Real People, Experiencing Homelessness


He said his Wife only had six months to live, and they had nowhere to go.

He kept a black ink pen behind his ear, which I thought was odd…but also kinda cool. He said just a few short months earlier, that things appeared to be going just fine. He and his Wife had recently moved to town, and they had everything that they owned in a U-Haul truck. Included in the truck, was their life savings (roughly $15,000 in cash), that they kept hidden in a sofa. It occurred to me to ask why they didn’t keep their money in the bank, but then I realized that most folks that are experiencing some element of homelessness, also struggle with the documentation requirements of financial institutions.

Somewhere along the way, he had ended up in jail. It sounded like a short stay for trespassing or something of that nature. When we finally returned to his U-Haul, everything was gone, including the couch, with their life savings. So much of this didn’t make sense to me, but the passion with which he told the story, combined with the pain in his eyes, prevented me from questioning the logistics.

His wife was terminally ill, and was staying with her family in another State. Her family was desperately trying to move her out, as they were not on good terms. His wife had a son that lived up North, and he was the only “good” family that she had. Unfortunately, her son was not in the position to care for her financially. They could not afford hospice care, or any other hospital facility. They had no Health Insurance, or Life Insurance. Her last days would undoubtedly be filled with suffering, and pain. This broke my Heart.

He said the reason that the family she was currently staying with did not want her to remain there, was because they did not want to have to cover the cost of her care, or any funeral expenses upon the inevitable. His eyes periodically filled with tears, each time he remembered that he could not fulfill his most basic duty as her husband; to Love and Care for his Wife.

Folks that are experiencing homelessness have the normal obstacles of life compounded by their inability to have somewhere that they call “Home.” It is our Mission and our Calling, to do everything that we can, to be a blessing to our Neighbors who struggle with these issues.

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